Thomas Pinna

I'm finishing my master in Software Engineering this summer. As a software engineer I'm (obviously) interested in everything related to IT, but I'm also interested in entrepreneurship. On a personal level I like hiking, kayaking and traveling to the mountains or visiting a nice city.

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My studies

Master software engineering

Main subjects: Model driven engineering, software testing, distributed computing, data mining and information retrieval.

Minor entrepreneurship


This minor was part of my master in Software engineering.
Main subjects: Innovation, quality and process management, (financial) management and strategic communication

Bachelor computer science

Main subjects: Calculus, numerical linear algebra, software engineering, programming and networks


In the industry

Most of my experiences exists in student jobs, as I haven't completed my master yet. In many of these jobs I learned a variety of soft skills. For example, as a parking attendant I have learned to communicate with angry and unhappy people, and as a youth animator I learned about leadership and about communication with concerned people.
Past years, I've also gained experience in the IT-sector, which I will explain more thoroughly.


As a student developer with appstrakt I worked on a project to automate dependency tracking. I created a python tool that looks for dependencies in a projects repositorie and gathered information about its license, its version and so on. I also created a frontend webpage that allowed a user to look for dependencies in a simple query like way.

Universiteit Antwerpen

I was hired at the university of Antwerp to make a feasibility study for the course "model driven engineering". For this study I implemented a railway simulation in metaDepth and AToMPM (a textual and a graphical mde environment).

Technical skills

What I do in my spare time

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Hiking and trekking

On the photo you see my girlfriend
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Creating stuff from 1s and 0s
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I like my ingredients simple
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But I don't publish often
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A nice Belgian beer makes for a nice evening
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So much world, so little time